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New (and apparently controversial) video is up on my channel, about one huuuuge issue I had with BioShock Infinite. I haven’t heard this discussed a lot so I thought I’d share how I felt about it, hope you guys enjoy it!

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So, basically what you’re saying is that the story and setting would have worked better in another genre, maybe an action adventure or something similar. That’s actually an interesting point… Maybe Irrational would have gone in that direction if they didn’t need the Bioshock name behind it, so now that they’ve downsized to concentrate on smaller, original projects, we’ll probably see something that’ll be more to your liking soon.

But I don’t really agree with your criticism of how the story is told. We’re used to being spoon fed everything we need to know in big budget games, so I liked Infinite’s approach a lot. You can play and understand the game while having missed a significant chunk of the games story, but if you’re willing to really dive into it, slow down every once in a while and take a good look at your surroundings, the game rewards you with a much more satisfying experience.

Yes, the game suffers from ludonarrative dissonance (oooh, namedrop)…kind of. The game justifies the fighting in three ways:

  1. Comstock wants you dead. Pretty obvious, yes, but you make it seem like the shooting is completely unjustified and comes out of nowhere. He knows you’re in the city, so of course he’s gonna send his men to stop you.
  2. Justification of violence through the character of Booker DeWitt. Booker was a soldier who, with his comrades, massacred hundreds of native Americans. After that he went on to work as a goon for the Pinkerton Agency. That man has anger in his bones, and shooting his way out of problems is what he does.
  3. The game prepares you for the violence to come during the raffle scene. At first, Columbia seems to be a beautiful and peaceful city. The citizens are very polite, everything looks nice and clean… a facade for the religious extremism and racism to come.

I can see where you are coming from, but while the game might not have done a great job at conveying the importance of violence in its narrative, it did establish the fact that you’ll be seeing plenty of it.

Bioshock Infinite is in now way perfect, but since the hype calmed down people seem to concentrate too much on criticizing what it could have been, instead of appreciating what it is.

And while you haven’t mentioned it, I would still like to. It is not as good as the original Bioshock. I never expected it to be, since hardly any games can come close to what that game has achieved, so it’s not something anyone should hold against it. Infinite is its own thing, and that’s how it should be judged.