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Every Single Time I Shot A Dude In The Testicles While Playing “Sniper Elite III

Sniper Elite III isn’t the most bombastic game. It’s not the most polished or the most technically competent. It’s about as niche as a shooter can get. It hangs its hat on one mechanic — that kill shots get the fancy zoom-in and X-ray treatment — but boy, what a mechanic that is.

We’ll have a full review on it later this week, but for now, enjoy this comprehensive record of every single time Thomas shot a dude in the testicles while playing Sniper Elite III.

Aperture Tag is pretty good so far, but the parts where you’re reminded it’s a mod kind of break the experience. Like the puzzle I just spent a solid 15 minutes on would’ve been so much easier if they had actually introduced the mechanic that was needed to solve it. No way something like this would’ve made it past Valve’s playtesters.

While these are good rules to follow, the video kinda rubs me the wrong way.

The title sums it up nicely. “How to avoid being branded a convention creeper”. The blame is put on the victims of said creeps because, the way this is phrased, it’s all about perception. These guys just don’t know how to handle social situations, and they’d never invade a woman’s private space or harass her if they knew any better, right? Wrong. They’re awful people, plain and simple.

I get that this is probably intentional, and the friendly tone towards men is supposed to make them more susceptible to actually following these rules, but that’s still bullshit. Anyone who disrespects women doesn’t deserve to have their feeling spared. Shitty behavior needs to be called out.